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A media agency that specializes in acquiring and investing in digital brands with high growth potential.

Opton Media team has extensive experience as private investors and operators at the intersection of technology, data, and digital media. Its investment portfolio includes digital brands such as Tennis Racket Ball, Home Gym Setup, Epic Aquarium, Tile Sealing and 10 Miles SEO, an SEO service agency.

Experience Matters

Our proven success is a direct result of putting our collective knowledge and acumen to work for the success of our business. Our experience in generating positive outcomes and creating value results in a win / win scenarios for partners, clients, readers, and employees alike.

10 Miles SEO

SEO agency

10 Miles SEO is a leading SEO agency dedicated to helping businesses improve their online presence and achieve higher search engine rankings.

We specialize in providing tailored SEO strategies, keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building services to drive organic traffic and increase brand visibility.

Our team of SEO experts is committed to delivering measurable results and ensuring your website stays ahead of the competition.

Tennis Racket Ball

Authority Site

Tennis Racket Ball is a premier niche site dedicated to providing tennis enthusiasts with the latest information, tips, and product reviews related to tennis rackets and balls. Our expert team of passionate tennis players and coaches share their knowledge on selecting the perfect racket, choosing the right tennis balls, and mastering various techniques to improve your game.

From beginners to advanced players, Tennis Racket Ball has everything you need to elevate your skills and performance on the court. Stay up-to-date with the newest trends, gear, and strategies to become the best tennis player you can be.

Tile Sealing

Authority Site

Tile Sealing is an authority niche site focused on providing valuable information and tips on tile installation, maintenance, and home improvement projects.

Our expert writers share their knowledge on various tile materials, sealing techniques, and DIY projects to help homeowners achieve a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

From selecting the right tiles to proper sealing methods, Tile Sealing is your ultimate resource for all your tiling needs.

Home Gym Setup

Authority Site

Home Gym Setup is an authoritative niche site dedicated to helping fitness enthusiasts create the perfect home gym experience.

We provide comprehensive reviews and guides on the latest home gym equipment, workout routines, and fitness tips to help you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

Our expert team is passionate about sharing their knowledge and inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise.

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