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We’re a digital media company specializing in scaling digital brands and delivering exceptional content to niche audiences. We accelerate established media brand growth, invest in high-potential digital brands, and maintain journalistic integrity.

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Strategic Focus

Since it was founded in mid-2023, Opton Media has managed the acquisition of 5 digital media brands and will continue making strategic acquisitions and investments across the digital media and technology landscape.

We concentrate on strategically building on our brand’s market-leading positions, optimizing cash flow, and transforming the digital content landscape.

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We believe that we’re creating a new approach to media that will help brands succeed for years to come. We believe journalism cannot exist unless we are thriving, and so we will eschew short-term wins and gimmicks for the long-term viability of our company and the people who make it happen every day.


Growth comes from clear, honest and consistent communication, and we make a point of providing this with everyone. We will always extend this approach to our audiences as well, ensuring they have complete trust in the work we do.


The strength of our company comes from the diversity of our backgrounds, experiences and world views. We welcome new ideas and opinions, especially if they challenge our beliefs. We actively listen with respect and tireless intellectual curiosity.


Whether it’s news, a purchasing guide, a recipe, or design inspiration, we put meaningful connections first. Every story we publish should be the story that someone needed somehow.

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Authority Insights

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